What Others Are Saying About the Inappropriately Named Center for Consumer Freedom

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  Rick Berman’s History
  Quotes by Rick Berman and the Center for Consumer Freedom
  Quotes Regarding Rick Berman: Negative, Positive, and Incriminating
  Media Shreds Deceptive Nonprofit Group

  I Individuals Who Have Been Associated with Berman
  II Businesses That Have Been Associated With Berman
  III Contributions to Berman - Dollar Amounts by Company and Year
IV Organizations That Have Been Attacked by Berman
  V Documented Donations of $2,950,000 from Philip Morris to Rick Berman/CCF

Individuals Who Have Been Associated with Berman
[Guest Choice Advisory Panel members GC are confirmed by Philip Morris documents.]

Dave Albright National Steak & Poultry
Richard K. Arras Perkins Family Restaurants, L.P.GC
Steve Bartlett Meridian Products Corporation GC
Robert Basham Outback Steakhouse, Inc. GC
John F. Berglund Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association GC
Dixie L. Berman Rick Berman's wife and secretary/treasurer of Guest Choice Network
Norman Brinker Brinker International and Steak & Ale
Mike Burita
Jeffrey Campbell Johnny Rockets Group, Inc. GC
Paul Carson
Lou Chatey Sebastiani Vineyards GC
Thomas K. Dilworth EPI secretary, also sometimes listed as research director
H.A. "Andy" Divine University of Denver GC
Timothy J. Doke Brinker International and Steak & Ale GC
Wallace B. Doolin Friday's Hospitality Worldwide, Inc. GC
John Doyle Berman and Company communications director
Jacob Dweck EPI director
Ann Eppard Lobbyist who has been indicted for illegal lobbying
Frank Fahrenkopf American Gaming Association GC
Richard Fisher Tetley USA, Inc.Guest Choice
Robert G. Fletcher Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. GC
Newt Gingrich Former House Speaker, received $25,000 "donation" from Berman and Brinker
Mark Gorman
Bill Hyde Quantum Restaurant Group GC
William L. Hyde Jr. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse/Morton's Restaurant Group GC
Jane Innes Perkins Family Restaurants, L.P.
Ray Kraftson EPI director, Guest Choice Network director
Kevin Lang Boston University
Tom Lauria Left Berman's employ sometime in 2001
James R. Ledley EPI director
Jerry Levin RevlonGuest Choice
Candy Lightner MADD founder, employed by Berman for less than 1 year
David Martosko Guest Choice Network director of research.
Ronald McDougall Brinker International, Steak & Ale GC
George McGovern Middle East Policy Council GC
Ellen Merlo Philip Morris U.S.A.Guest Choice
Michael Middleton Cargill Processed Meat Products GC
Dan Popeo Washington Legal Foundation GC
Richard Rivera Longhorn Steaks, Inc. GC
Billy Rosenthal Standard Meat Company GC
Phillip Satre Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. GC
Richard G. Scalise Armour Swift-Eckrich GC
James Spector Philip Morris U.S.A. GC
Daniel Timm The Bruss Company GC
Carl Vogt Fulbright & Jaworski GC
Richard Walsh Darden Restaurants, Inc. GC
Terry Wheatley Sutter Home Winery GC
Allison Whitesides GC