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    The Media Speaks Out Against the CCF

    "While it bills itself as 'devoted to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices,' others describe it variously as a front group, PR agency or tool for the restaurant and alcohol industries."

    —The San Francisco Chronicle

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    Sound Bites Regarding Rick Berman and the Center for Consumer Freedom

    To the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), free choice means big profits—without health warnings or accountability.

    The CCF is a big-name group with a small membership and a few very large contributors. Most of the "donations" go directly to Rick Berman, as executive director, or to his privately owned public relations company, Berman and Company.

    Berman denies product liability when it comes to tobacco, alcohol, or unhealthy fast food. Not only does he deny the unhealthy aspects of these products, but he attacks anyone who attempts to publicize or educate the public about them.

    Berman is a nonprofiteer—he's someone who makes an unreasonable personal profit from donations to a nonprofit society.

    "Is moving the majority of donations from a non-profit [that] you control to a for-profit [that] you own what the IRS intended for non-profit status?"
    —Jeff Nelson, president of VegSource Interactive Inc.

    "The Center for Consumer Freedom has absolutely nothing to do with consumers, but it has everything to do with maximizing profits for major restaurant-and-bar chains."
    —Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest