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Contributions to Berman - Dollar Amounts by Company and Year
The Center for Media and Democracy has posted the following list of corporate contributors to the Center for Consumer Freedom on its www.disinfopedia.org Web site. According to the Web site, this information was provided by a whistleblower.

In addition to numerous documented donations by fast-food, alcoholic-beverage, and tobacco companies, this new list includes major meat manufacturers such as Armour-Swift, Tysons, Perdue, Cargill, and Hatfield, as well as agribusiness giant Monsanto.

A September 22, 2003, article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, indicated that Tyson, Cargill, and Pilgrim’s Pride each give at least $100,000 a year to the Center for Consumer Freedom. According to this article, Pilgrim’s Pride confirmed the yearly donations; Cargill confirmed that it has given that much in the past; and Tyson confirmed that it has given money to Berman but refused to confirm any dollar amount.

Pre-2001 Contributions

4 B's Restaurants $200
Advantica Restaurant Group $10,000
Armour-Swift Eckrich $5,000
Bestfoods Foodservice $1,250
Buca, Inc. $500
Carlson Hospitality Worldwide $1,000
Chart House Enterprises $2,500
Comarco Products $2,000
Country Kitchen International $1,000
Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. $1,500
Louise's Trattoria $500
Max & Erma's Restaurants, Inc. $2,500
Ruby Tuesday, Inc. $500
Ruth's Chris Steak House, Inc. $1,000
Standard Meat $17,500
Trinchero Family Estates $10,000

2001 Contributions

Anton's Airfoods, Inc. $3,000
Applebee's International, Inc. $15,000
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants $1,250
Campagna-Turano Bakery, Inc. $500
Casual Restaurant Concepts $3,300
Coca-Cola Company $200,000
Coldwater Seafood $15,000
Crystal's International $252
Custom Cuts $1,500
Daisy Brand $1,000
Excel/Cargill $100,000
Fired Up $6,000
Hatfield Quality Meats $33,700
HMS Host Corporation $50,000
Jeff's Gourmet Pies $1,000
John R. Daily Company $750
Kagome, Inc. $1,086
King and Prince Seafood $9,200
KorBert, Inc. $300
KPR Foods $1,000
LTP Management Group $3,250
Marie Callendar Pie Shops $11,900
Mexican Restaurants $750
Monsanto $200,000
National Steak and Poultry $10,000
North American Enterprises $500
North American Provisioners $150
Not Your Average Joe's $347
Outback Steakhouse $164,600
P.F. Chang's China Bistro $15,000
Packaging Corporation of America $10,000
Performance Food Group $15,000
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation $100,000
Pro Edge $2,400
Quantum Foods $18,000
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers $1,000
Rare Hospitality $15,000
Real Food Marketing $500
Restaurant Concepts $6,000
Rosemount Estates (Southcorp Wines) $5,300
Royal Cup $1,000
Save-on Seafood $2,000
Sugar Foods Corporation $5,000
T. Marzetti Company $10,000
TriOak Foods $5,100
Tyson Foods, Inc. $100,000
Wendy's International, Inc. $200,000
White Castle System $43,872
Worldwide Restaurants Concepts $1,500

2002 Contributions

Brinker International, Inc. $25,000
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants $1,250
Campagna-Turano Bakery, Inc. $500
China Mist $400
Coffee Reserve, Inc. $140
Darifair Foods $5,000
Dean Foods Company $5,000
Eli's Cheesecake Company $1,000
Excel/Cargill $100,000
Good Humor/Breyer's Ice Cream $1,500
HMS Host Corporation $25,000
John Soules Foods $1,000
Ken's Foods Inc. $5,000
Michigan Turkey Producers Cooperative $7,000
National Everclean Service $500
Not Your Average Joe's $347
Paradise Tomato Kitchens, Inc. $7,500
Perdue Farms, Inc. $40,000
Pro Clean $1,500
Revolution, Inc. $1,000
Royal Cup $1,500
RTM, Inc. $64,872
Simmons Foods, Inc. $5,000
Sun Orchard, Inc. $2,000
Syracuse's Italian Sausage $500
Tyson Foods, Inc. $100,000